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How are Governance Ratings Calculated?

Governance Metrics International

GovernanceMetrics International
Gavin Anderson, President and CEO

Runtime: 3:14

Key Takeaways:

  1. GMI has six governance rating research categories: a) Board Accountability b) Financial Disclosure and Internal Controls
    c) Shareholder Rights d) Executive Compensation e) Market for Control and Ownership Base f) Corporate Behavior and Corporate Social Responsibility Issues
  2. 500 data points are used to determine the governance rating. Each data point has a numerical value and weight.
  3. Governance Ratings are relative to other companies and range from 1.0 to 10.0. Average score is 6.5.
  4. Companies with governance ratings of 9.0 or higher are generally in the top 8%.
  5. Only 34 companies out of the 3,220 global companies GMI follows received a governance rating of 10.0 in the last rating period. Note - See list of 34 companies in Select Resources section below.

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