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How Do You Minimize State and Local Tax (SALT) Liability?

Financial Executives International TV

Joe Neff, National Managing Director SALT

Runtime: 5:06

Click here to download video.

Key Takeaways:

  1. State and local taxes (SALT) should be actively managed like any other managed cost.
  2. Corporate filings can be used to benchmark your organization’s SALT against competitors.
  3. To minimize SALT liability:
    • Conduct a SALT Footprint Analysis to understand where and why you’re filing SALT.
    • Review state and local web sites to ensure you’re not paying more than the legal minimum.
    • Identify state, county and city economic development opportunities that your organization may qualify for.
    • Sell your organization’s vision and the long-term benefits that state, county and local governments will derive from your business operating in a particular area to maximize tax breaks.

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