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IBM Global CFO Study

IBM Global Business Services

IBM Global Business Services
Bill Fuessler, Worldwide Financial Management Leader

Runtime: 14:50

Click here to download video.

Download Journey to a Value Integrator – A playbook for finance transformation. Learn how aspiring enterprises can excel at both finance efficiency and business insight.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Over 1,900 organizations participated in the fourth IBM Global CFO Study. It is the largest known study of its kind in the world.
  2. Three study themes:
    1. Finance efficiency matters more than ever
    2. Business insight drives performance improvement
    3. The greatest benefits come from doing both well
  3. "Value Integrators" excel in both finance efficiency and business insight:
    1. 60% more effective across the entire CFO Agenda (Core Finance and Business Partnering)
    2. The best financial performance measured by revenue growth, EBITDA growth and return on invested capital
  4. Three common characteristics of Value Integrators:
    1. Common reporting and planning systems
    2. Adoption of risk factors into performance reporting
    3. Better process optimization
  5. For a free copy of the IBM Global CFO Study, click here.

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