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Risk as a Value Driver

IBM Corporation

IBM Corporation
Bjorn Pettersen, Partner, Strategy and Transformation, Financial Services

Runtime: 9:30

Key Takeaways:

  1. Strategic risk management is about maximizing the value from the
    risk (volatility) inherent in the firm's business environment.
  2. Leading firms can increase their value up to 20% by following a
    strategic risk management approach.
  3. Firm value is increased by identifying active and passive risks and
    re-allocating risk capital.
  4. Investors can expect a firm to earn excess risk-adjusted returns by
    managing "active" risk activities.
  5. Risk Balance Sheets report the firm's assets in terms of both market
    value and risk characteristics, and identify what proportion of total value
    and risk each type of liability is cushioning. In addition, the assets and
    liabilities are also classified as active or passive exposures.
  6. Developing the mindset, capabilities and behaviors necessary to
    incorporate "risk allocation" into strategic decision-making processes is a
    source of competitive advantage.

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