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Rethinking the Right-of-Use Asset

The attempt to find a single lease accounting model based on recognition of a right-of-use asset has faltered. In this article, a control-based model is suggested as an alternative.
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Solvency II Compliance for Insurance

Learn how the IBM solution for Solvency II introduces a proven framework for risk management — including defining required capital levels and implementing procedures to identify, measure and manage risk levels.
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Credit Risk Management White Paper

Meet challenges, find opportunities in turbulent times

In this white paper, you'll learn how you can:
-Refine and enlarge the traditional credit risk management repertoire.
-Be more creative in the modeling and management of innovative credit products.
-Allow for interdependencies among credit risk, liquidity risk and market risk.
-Create a complete, integrated and firmwide solution for risk management.
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Driving Business Performance with Enterprise Risk Management

This whitepaper discusses how ERM, when embedded into everyday processes at all levels of the organization, can drive business performance.
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Economics of Cloud Financial Software

There are many kinds of financial application solutions out there today - from older, traditional on-premises solutions to newer cloud-based products and many others in between. These products possess a wide variety of functions, features, and equally importantly, cost. Yet, there exists a fair degree of market confusion about the relative costs and benefits that different software deployment models bring to financial accounting customers.
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IBM Global Business Services - Clearing the Clouds

Shining a light on successful Enterprise Risk Management

The challenge for most enterprises is how to implement an ERM program, instill a culture prepared to deal with risk events and learn from inevitable mistakes. Doing it right is difficult; many "clouding factors" can sabotage an ERM program at every step. But doing it well may ultimately determine whether your organization can successfully avoid and/or mitigate risks.
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IBM Global Business Services - Journey to a Value Integrator

The global business climate is increasingly complex, volatile and uncertain. IBM’s Global Chief Financial Officer Study, conducted amid the global economic downturn, confirmed that enterprises are increasingly dependent on partnering with Finance to help navigate this complexity. The study identified one group of companies, Value Integrators, whose Finance organizations excel at addressing this mandate and outperform their peers. Those that aspire to similar success can learn from the journeys of 15 enterprises, whose transformation stories provide a compelling playbook to follow a path to higher value.
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Leveraging Bank Risk Management Practices for the Insurance Industry

Insurance companies are beginning to recognize the potential value in deploying a robust operational risk management framework and integrating it into their ERM efforts.
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Economist Risk Resources

Rebuilding Trust:
Next Steps for Risk Management in Financial Services

This research report, Rebuilding Trust: Next Steps for Risk Management in Financial Services, reveals the results of the latest global survey conducted exclusively for SAS by the Economist Intelligence Unit

On the heels of some particularly harsh lessons learned, risk management has emerged as a critical component of strategic decision making for banks and insurers alike. Read this report, based on surveys conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit on behalf of SAS, and discover how 346 risk executives from around the world say they're revamping their entire approach to understanding and mitigating the risks they face.
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Brochure: Infor Office of the CFO for Retail

Technology has changed. Consumers have changed. Retail has changed. Achieving top-line growth requires rethinking the way business is done. No longer can performance be improved by just opening new stores. The growth game is about wallet share. To grow, retailers need to build relationships with customers by offering superior and even innovative service, differentiated assortments, and engaging shopping experiences.
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Now what? Considering IFRS for U.S. issuers - Implications of the SEC IFRS work plan for private and public companies

While the highly anticipated release of “Work Plan for the Consideration of Incorporating International Financial Reporting Standards Into the Financial Reporting System for U.S. Issuers” is a thorough account of the results of the SEC staff review under its work plan, there is neither a recommendation by the SEC staff to the commission as to whether the United States should move to implement the use of IFRS by domestic issuers, nor a timetable for transition should the commission vote to fully accept it. The lingering question is: Where does this final report leave U.S. public and private companies?
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The trouble with small tick sizes

Larger tick sizes will bring back capital formation, jobs and investor confidence

The Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act delivered two of the three legs of the stool required to revive the U.S. IPO market: 1) a framework to lower costs for small companies accessing the public markets, and 2) a framework to improve company communication with investors in the public and private markets. The authors argue that a framework to realign economic incentives in the public markets, primarily through a higher tick size (the minimum increment in which a stock or other security can trade) pricing regimen, is the essential third leg that is currently missing from the stool and recommend solutions encompassed in what they call The JOBS Act, Part 2.
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Performance Management Research Study: Spotlight on Budgeting and Planning

This independent report by BPM Partners was conducted through an Internet-based survey. The purpose of the survey was to identify important trends in Business Performance Management (BPM) and perceptions of BPM vendors and service providers.
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Risk Paper by Myron S. Scholes

Why You Need a High-Performance Risk Management Analytic Framework

To truly tackle current and future challenges facing financial institutions, enterprise risk management needs to move forward - quickly.

As you'll discover in this paper, of capital deployed (rather than just a single view of risk exposures) has become the new role of risk management.
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Meeting the Solvency II Operational Risk Challenge

Automating operational risk practices is essential for insurance companies to gain a holistic view of risk and embed ORM into the corporate culture.
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ORX – Transforming operational risk analysis at the world’s largest banks

In the last seven years ORX has grown from 12 members to over 50 and while this system sufficed in the Association’s early days, it was proving costly and time consuming as the organisation grew. To help meet these challenges ORX needed a scalable, technical solution that would enable it to collect data and distribute reports efficiently and securely.
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The Financial Crisis and Lessons for Insurers

Society of Actuaries, Canadian Institute of Actuaries, Casualty Actuarial Society
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THE BDO 600: Survey of Board Compensation Practices of 600 Mid-Market Public Companies

The BDO 600 survey details director compensation practices of publicly traded companies in the energy, financial services banking and non-banking, healthcare, manufacturing, real estate, retail and technology industries.
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Unleashing GRC Intelligence: Driving Performance with Insight

OpenPages 6 empowers managers with the ability to reduce loss and improve performance through deep insight into enterprise-wide governance, risk, and compliance initiatives.
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Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Practice as applied to Health Insurers, Self-Insured Plans, and Health Finance Professionals

Society of Actuaries
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Case Study: Carnival Corporation & plc Enhances Process Based Risk Assessment

Carnival Corporation & plc enhances process-based risk assessment system with the IBM OpenPages GRC Platform.
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Facilitating Sound Practices in Risk Management

This whitepaper discusses ORM in the context of Sound Practices for the Management and Supervision of Operational Risk, a paper from the Basel Committee.
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